The importance of sharing and contribution in FLOSS communities

One of my mentors who I consider him as my teacher, friend and colleague (James Michael Dupont) wrote an email which was very inspiring for me to start writing this blog (mostly pasting what he wrote), and it was about Sharing and the importance of it.
What could other people benefit from the experience you share with them and what could they learn from that ?!

Project Proposal: Map Tile Distribution and Master Directory of Map Tile Distributors

During a recent mapping project implementation at work I realized the open source map content is limited and that the resources to share that content are even more limited. There a few map tile servers out there all of them using resources of open source volunteers, and those servers are being hammered by millions of users. The map content is not usualy a light content, it's all bitmap images the are already compressed.  Many servers go offline because they can't take the load or that they have reached their maximum bandwidth for the day.

FLOSSTalk with Arangel Angov: Hacker Spaces

The next FLOSSTalk will be held on Saturday, 17th of March starting at 13:00 in the premises of Unicef Innovations Lab. The talk will be about hacker spaces also known as hacklabs - free technological areas where people interested in hacking and sharing experience and information come together to learn from each other and build interesting stuff.

Geolocation for stationary computers

First of all, geolocation services for stationary computers like desktops and kiosks are not in high demand. People using these devices are definitely not in motion and they don't need to be guided by a navigation system. 

But there are other reasons to use geolocation services that will save you a lot of zip code entering. Finding the nearest store, nearest red-box kiosk, measuring the distance between your home and the new doctors office, or figuring how long it takes to travel to some place from your current location.


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