Open geospatial tools for a boring functional mobility

2023/12/14 17:00

Meetup Lecture Open geospatial tools for a boring functional mobility by pomodoren @PrishtinaHackerspace 14th of December | 17:00 – 19:00 🌟✹As we approach the end of the year and look forward to the next, Open Spatial Kosova invites you to two (last for this year) engaging events at Prishtina Hackerspace. Join us for a Meetup […]

OpenSpatial Kosova Celebrates OSM Geography Awareness Week 2023


OpenSpatial Kosova Celebrates OSM Geography Awareness Week 2023 Academic Cartography: Using [Open]Maps in Education Educators, students, community organizations, and passionate map enthusiasts from across the globe unite in a collective celebration of geography and come together to create maps using OpenStreetMap, the open and freely editable global map. With education in this year’s focus, join […]

OpenStreetMap Editing Mapathon

2023/10/28 14:00

đŸ—ș Join us for an OpenStreetMap Editing Mapathon! 14:00, 28th October @Prishtina Hackerspace Calling all mappers and geospatial enthusiasts in Kosovo to come together this Saturday from 14:00 – 18:00 at Prishtina Hackerspace. Let’s map, collaborate, and enjoy some food and drinks while discussing open source geospatial and its impact. See you there! 📍

dumeditĂ« – Lansimi i PlatformĂ«s

2023/10/19 17:30

Lansimi i platformĂ«s Me shumĂ« kĂ«naqĂ«si ju ftojmĂ« tĂ« na bashkoheni nĂ« lansimin publik tĂ« platformĂ«s DumeditĂ«, ku do tĂ« diskutojmĂ« mbi mundĂ«sitĂ« qĂ« ofron platforma pĂ«r publikun, gazetarĂ«t/et, aktivistĂ«t/et e hulumtuesit/et nĂ« vend. DumeditĂ« Ă«shtĂ« njĂ« platformĂ« online e krijuar nga FLOSSK me qĂ«llim tĂ« lehtĂ«simit tĂ« dĂ«rgimit dhe menaxhimit tĂ« kĂ«rkesave pĂ«r […]

Detecting Evasive Attacker Techniques: A Case Study

2023/10/12 17:00

Training: Daniel Bohannon 17:00, 12 October @ Prishtina Hackerspace Together with @women4cyberkosovo we are happy to bring you an in-person event featuring a seasoned industry professional, Daniel Bohannon, Principal Security Researcher at Premiso Security, all the way from the USA. You will learn more about how to: Deep dive into threat hunting, detection development, and […]

Mapping the Future: Open Spatial Kosovo

2023/10/11 17:30 Prishtina Hackerspace

Mapping the Future: Open Spatial Kosovo An introduction to the chapters of Open Spatial in Kosovo 11 October, 17:30 @ Prishtina Hackerspace Next Wednesday, we meet to initiate the coming together of the main Open Spatial bodies in Kosovo, and delve into the scope of work for the next year and the upcoming ones. Together, […]

Mastering Git: Teknikat e avancuara dhe praktikat më të mira | Trajnim


Thirrje pĂ«r aplikim nĂ« trajnimin: “Mastering Git: Teknikat e avancuara dhe praktikat mĂ« tĂ« mira” FLOSSK po organizon njĂ« trajnim 3 ditor nĂ« Git 📚. 16, 17, 18 maj nĂ« Prishtina Hackerspace duke filluar nga ora 17:00 – 19:00 ⏰. Trajnimi Ă«shtĂ« krijuar si pĂ«r pĂ«rdoruesit/et fillestarĂ« ashtu edhe ata/ato me pĂ«rvojĂ«, tĂ« cilĂ«t dĂ«shirojnĂ« […]

Navigating the Tech Industry: Trends and Lessons Learned from HubSync!

2023/05/11 17:00

Session: Navigating the Tech Industry in 2023: Trends & Lessons Learned from the Frontlines , by John McGowan, CEO of HubSync Co đŸ–„ïž The technology industry is constantly evolving, and navigating this landscape can be exciting and challenging for start-ups. In this interactive Q&A session, John McGowan, CEO of HubSync, will share his insights and […]

Effectual Entrepreneurship Workshop

2023/03/31 10:00

Call for Participants for the Effectual Entrepreneurship Workshop!   đŸ–„ïž There are a lot of myths and misunderstandings about entrepreneurship that prevent people from believing they can succeed at starting their own business.   This workshop will attempt to help participants understand that entrepreneurship can be learned and practiced and that anyone is capable of […]


BSides Prishtina 2023 5 – 6 May 2023 (ALB below) We are happy to announce the BSides Prishtina 2023 security conference! The conference is taking place in Prishtina, Kosova and it is the second edition of BSides in Kosova. The call for papers/speakers is open and you can find all details here: When: May […]

FOSS4G 2023 – Prizren, Kosovo

2023/06/26 ITP Prizren

FOSS4G 2023 – Prizren, Kosovo 26 June – 2 July 2023 Hey there FOSS4G community, We know you’ve been waiting for this, and we’re beyond thrilled to announce that 2023 Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Conference (FOSS4G) will be hosted by FLOSSK in Prizren, Kosovo! 🎉 đŸ™ïžPrizren is not just any ordinary city; […]

Panel diskutimi: Mësimi i kodimit në Kosovë

2022/12/07 17:00

▶ NĂ« vazhdĂ«n e aktiviteteve gjatĂ« JavĂ«s sĂ« ShkencĂ«s Kompjuterike, po organizojmĂ« panel diskutimi mbi mĂ«simin e kodimit dhe tĂ« tĂ« menduarit kompjuterik, rĂ«ndĂ«sinĂ« dhe pĂ«rfitimet e aftĂ«simit nĂ« moshĂ« tĂ« hershme dhe potencialin e jashtĂ«zakonshĂ«m tĂ« saj pĂ«r punĂ«sim nĂ« tĂ« ardhmen. 🌐 NĂ« botĂ« ka pasur njĂ« shtysĂ« tĂ« paprecedentĂ« pĂ«r tĂ« jetĂ«suar […]

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