FOSS4G wraps up its 2023 edition in Prizren!


FOSS4G the biggest international gathering of Open Source Geospatial Enthusiasts

FOSS4G 2023, hosted in the vibrant Innovation & Training Park (ITP) in Prizren, was a significant event that brought together 683 professionals, academics, and enthusiasts from the global open source geospatial community.

This year, the conference was jointly hosted by OSGeo and FLOSSK, and aimed to foster professional growth, advance information sharing, and a feeling of community around the promotion of open source geospatial technology on a global scale.

The conference drew attendees from 56 countries, demonstrating the universal relevance of open source geospatial technology. These attendees benefited from presentations and workshops that covered a wide range of subjects.

Six notable keynote speakers honored the conference with their insights and experience. FOSS4G featured various topics, with 269 talks and 44 workshops from over 300 authors and coauthors. ‘Use cases & applications’ dominated the presentations with 130 talks, followed by ‘State of software’ with 96 talks. ‘Open Data ‘, ‘Community and Foundation,’ and ‘Open Source Geospatial’ Made in Europe’ also had significant discussions. Other themes had 7-10 talks each.

Beyond its educational and professional opportunities, FOSS4G 2023 served as a center of networking and social engagement. Numerous side events, including B2B, GeoChicas, ‘Ice Breaker’ gathering, and a 24/7 common space, created opportunities for participants to connect, collaborate, and share experiences, making the conference a thriving social and professional environment.

Our partners and sponsors were crucial to the conference’s organization and a significant factor in the success of FOSS4G 2023. Their support created diverse participation, highlighting the event’s dedication to inclusivity and collaboration within the geospatial community.

In addition to celebrating the accomplishments of FOSS4G 2023, we are also looking forward to the upcoming chapters of FOSS4G Europe, Asia, Oceania, and, on a global scale, FOSS4G 2024, which will be held in Belem, Brazil. All the future editions of the FOSS4G will be a step to create a more technologically advanced and networked global community dedicated to improving open source geospatial technologies.

FOSS4G 2023 was also characterized by a dynamic online presence, with extensive engagement across social media platforms. This allowed us to share the energy, knowledge, and connections fostered during the event with a broader audience, increasing the conference’s global influence.

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