Drupal poll, remove anon votes

This sql will delete all poll votes from anon users :

mysql> delete from poll_vote where uid=0;


Software Freedom Kosova 2012 - Call for speakers

On September 8th we will be holding our fourth Software Freedom Kosova Conference "SFK12"

Software Freedom Kosovoa is an annual conference about Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) here in Kosovo.
We have succeeded in making the conference a traditional event, an event which gathers every year a number of more than 400 attendees...

We, the web kids

By Piotr Czerski

There is probably no other word that would be as overused in the media discourse as ‘generation’. I once tried to count the ‘generations’ that have been proclaimed in the past ten years, since the well-known article about the so-called ‘Generation Nothing’; I believe there were as many as twelve. They all had one thing in common: they only existed on paper. Reality never provided us with a single tangible, meaningful, unforgettable impulse, the common experience of which would forever distinguish us from the previous generations. We had been looking for it, but instead the groundbreaking change came unnoticed, along with cable TV, mobile phones, and, most of all, Internet access. It is only today that we can fully comprehend how much has changed during the past fifteen years.

Tech Talk with Mr.Terry Dwyer

First "Tech Talk" will be held on Thursday, March 29 2012 at 6pm in the Innovations Lab space.
Our first guest speaker is Mr.Terry Dwyer from US, who is going to talk about 3-Tier Applications development (UI, AL and DB).
Mr.Dwyer had worked for 25 years with Bell Laboratories (1970-1995) as software developer and team leader for a number of great projects such as TUXEDO System.


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