(more) Notes from a Debian pilgrim

 i shall be attending the FLOSSK conference again this year for the third time, and hope to be able to contribute in the form of a Workshop and/or Presentation . .. 

The eighth edition of ITTF in Pristina

Starting October 3rd to October 5th, ITTF (Information and Communication Technology Fair in Kosovo) was held for the eighth time in the Palace of youth & sports in Prishtina. FLOSSK in collaboration with OpenLabs from Albania (http://openlabs.cc/)  participated by presenting some of the projects such as: 3D printer, WeMakeIt Arduino Kit (http://wemakeit.co/) , http://prishtinabuses.info...

A Hello world in Arduino

This is the most basic programming that you could do with an arduino uno.
It just endlessly turns the light built in the arduino on and off.

So, after having an arduino uno and a usb cable to connect it to your pc, you would want to have also the arduino software....

Erik Albers on Software Freedom Kosova 2012

This is a blog written by Erik Albers on his experience in Software Freedom Kosova, thank you Erik !!
The original source is from his personal blog in: http://blogs.fsfe.org/eal/2012/09/13/software-freedom-kosova-2012/


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