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👥 On our website you can find information on becoming a member of FLOSSK and/or Prishtina Hackerspace, presenting a topic or workshop as well as contributing books, equipment, and financially.

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Shtimi i një pike me interes (POI) në OpenStreetMap (OSM)

📍Një udhëzim si ta shtoni lokacionin e biznesit tuaj apo ndonjë pike tjetër me interes në hartën e lirë OpenStreetMap.
🗺️ OSM përdoret nga Snapchat, Facebook, Apple Maps etj.
👥 Bashkëngjitiuni komunitetit për hartografim në OSM në Telegram
📍Instructions on how to add your business’s location or any other important location on the OpenStreetMap free map.
🗺️ OSM is used on Snapchat, Facebook, Apple Maps, etc.
👥 Join the OSM mapping community on Telegram

Konferenca FOSDEM po vjen këtë vikend online! 👐🏼

👨🏼‍💻️ Me mijëra programerë dhe entuziastë të teknologjisë për dy ditë bëhen bashkë në Universitetin e Brukselit dhe zhvillojnë takime, prezantime dhe punëtori në dhjetra dhoma në të njejtën kohë, me tema nga më të ndryshmet: Containers; Cloud computing; Big data and Data science; Embedded, Mobile and Automative; Graph systems and algorithms; Programming languages; Software composition; Web performance, etj.

Edicioni i sivjetëm parasheh 659 folës dhe 717 sesione. 📅 Orarin e gjeni këtu:

FLOSSK çdo vit merr pjesë në FOSDEM dhe këtë fundjavë e ndjekim 🍻 bashkë në live stream


EqualiTECH Report

EqualiTECH was held this weekend on 11-13 December with five teams and five mentors. The teams consisted of three to four people. EqualiTECH began at 17:45 on Friday with Philip Merrell from CRD and Arianit Dobroshi from FLOSSK opening the event.

A keynote was held by Marcin de Kaminski, Director Human Rights Defenders at the Risk Department. The event continued from 9:30 on Saturday when teams had around seven hours during the day to work with each other to develop their ideas. EqualiTECH mentors were also available to answer the teams’ questions. The participants were free to work in their virtual rooms for as long as they wanted. On Sunday, EqualiTECH began at 9:30 with teams getting ready for their first presentations. After they were advised by the staff and mentors, they continued to prepare for their final presentations which would happen at 17:00.

Overall, there were 16 people aged 18-40 who participated in the hackathon. Three other people confirmed their participation but showed up only on the first day. There were eight tech people and eight activists participating in the hackathon who were from Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The teams were: ATA Group, Space SyntaKS, id3, InterTeam, and Northerners.
ATA Group’s idea ( is to create an informative platform that will help immigrants navigate themselves to find shelter, food, etc. while they transit in different places.
Space SyntaKS wants to create a tool (safometer) where people can evaluate how safe a certain place is. Their target group is women but this tool can be used by anyone who doesn’t feel safe.
id3 group thought of creating a platform (beproud) that will close the gap between the LGBTQI community and psychologists. In this platform, the community can find the closest psychologists and get the proper care.

InterTeam wanted to create an AI assistant (Ruby) that will show human rights organizations’ information in the Western Balkans.
Northerners’ aim is to create an online website that will serve as a communication tool to connect communities without prejudice and discrimination. This platform will focus on young people with different identities.

The winning teams were ATA Group and Space SyntaKS. They will be awarded with 2,500Eur and 1,500EUR to help them finalize their solutions within six weeks.

EqualiTECH Mentors

Let’s meet EqualiTECH mentors that will be with us for all three days of the event 👇:

⚫ Yll Rugova is an information designer, typographer and everythinologist. An expert on information architecture and design of materials with larger quantities of content.

⚫ Rina Fetahaj is a sustainability manager at Sustainability Leadership Kosova. Rina is passionate about everything Sustainability related, focusing on increasing awareness about the Circular Economy, Climate Action and a just society!

⚫ Douglas Arellanes is a member of the board of the Prague Civil Society Centre, an NGO that supports the development of civil society in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. He advises on tech issues for the Centre.

⚫ Besfort Guri is a FLOSS activist and Member of the Executive Board at NGO FLOSSK. He runs a company (OPS – In), focused in Geographical Information Network and Web Development.

⚫ Ivan Duric works on the development of activist network, Human Rights Program and Regional Exchange Program at YIHR Serbia.

Apply until Sunday to win the chance to be mentored by our amazing guests! 🎊


Building the Sensor Stations

Javën e kaluar së bashku me shkollat partnere ndërtuam stacionet e cilësisë së ajrit dhe motit në gjashtë 🏘 shkolla të mesme në Kosovë!

📡 Stacionet u ndërtuan në Prishtinë, Vushtrri, Lipjan, Prizren, Suharekë dhe Rahovec. Gjithashtu, gjatë javëve në vijim do të mbahen punëtori ku do të demonstrohet pjesa harduerike në ndërtimin e stacioneve, komunikimi me firmuer dhe softuer, si dhe vizualizimi i të dhënave që merren nga senzorët.
Këto stacione po ndërtohen në shkolla të mesme që nxënësit të mësohen t’i ndërtojnë ato, të krijojnë dhe analizojnë të dhëna për mjedisin, si dhe të ngritet vetëdijësimi i përgjithshëm për cilësinë e ajrit dhe ndryshimet klimatike.

Projekti “Sensor Stations” financohet nga BE-ja, menaxhohet nga European Union Kosovo dhe zbatohet nga Balkan Green Foundation dhe Institute for Development Policy (INDEP).
Në kuadër të zgjerimit të bashkëpunimit me KEC, FLOSSK do të vazhdojë ndërtimin e stacioneve edhe në tre shkolla të tjera të mesme në Kosovë. Këto stacione po ndërtohen në partneritet me programin “Përkrahje adoleshentëve pas mësimit të rregullt” – ASSET që financohet nga USAID Kosovo dhe zbatohet nga Kosova Education Center – KEC, në partneritet me FHI360 dhe Crimson Capital Corp.



Trainings on Wikimedia

📢 Trainings for the projects of Wikimedia (Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Commons) are ongoing!
📍 So far, four sessions have been held with high school students in Kosovo, where students have learned the principles and rules of writing encyclopedic articles.

📝 During this time there will be 8 more sessions after which the new Wikipedians will be ready to contribute to the Albanian Wikipedia by creating new articles or improving existing ones.

These trainings are being held in cooperation with Wikimedians of Albanian Language User Group within the ASSET project by Kosova Education Center – KEC.


Memorandum of Cooperation with the LUMBARDHI Foundation

🤝On October 23, FLOSSK signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the LUMBARDHI Foundation for the donation of a scanner for the digitization of publications and archives held by this cultural institution in Prizren. FLOSSK has worked on the construction of book scanners in order to make this material available to the public and for further processing of this material by the public.

💡This cooperation will serve for the exchange of knowledge, capacities, and resources for digitalization as well as the provision of materials and publications for free use by the public. FLOSSK and Lumbardhi will cooperate in the digitization of Zëri Newspaper, TAN newspaper, completion of the digital archive of Rilindja Newspaper as well as Jeta e Re, Përparimi and Çevren magazines, which will also be public with free access.

📚We would also like to inform you that the digitized book platform has been enriched with a total of 50 books from the publishing houses of the time, which are considered orphan works. Other books scanned and edited by volunteers will be constantly added to this platform.

This project was made possible by the Culture for Change program. The project is funded by the European Union, managed by the European Union Kosovo, and implemented by Qendra Multimedia and Goethe-Institut.

Trainings on Arduino and OpenStreetMap

Trainings on Arduino and OpenStreetMap with high school students have begun!

During the 2020/2021 period, 16 trainings for each field will be held where Arduino will be presented by using the simulator app TinkerCad, as well as editing on OpenStreetMap will be taught.

The trainings will focus on creating experiments with electronics by students by using microcontrollers, as well as editing on OpenStreetMap.

These trainings are being held within the ASSET project by Kosova Education Center – KEC.

Digitized books platform is ready! is a platform that primarily provides opportunities for readers and scholars of the period 1945-1990 to have easy access to the resources of the time. In addition, the platform aims to provide an open and scalable model for the digitization of publications that are hard to reach for the public.

Books on this platform were scanned and edited by groups of volunteers and young students during workshops held with FLOSSK. Currently, the platform has the first 11 books from the 50s written by: Beqir Musliu, Asen Kavaev, Anton Pashku, Rexhep Qosja, Martin Camaj, Adem Demaçi, Anton Çetta, etc.

Other publications of that period are expected to be added on to create a complete platform where books can be read easily and for free!

This project was made possible by the Culture for Change program. The project is funded by the European Union, managed by the European Union Kosovo, and implemented by Qendra Multimedia and Goethe-Institut.

Another year of SFK has finished successfully!

Thank you to all the speakers, attendees, and FLOSSK team who made #SFK20 possible!
We would like to thank all of our sponsors without whom we wouldn’t have the chance to organize the conference this year. Special thanks to Pixels Productions who helped us with #SFK20 production.

Videos will soon be available online. See you next year!

This conference was supported and sponsored by the Austrian Development Agency, Skins Agency, Frakton, Gjirafa, SWISS EP Albania and by the EEBO Project, which is an EU funded project managed by the European Union Kosovo and implemented by Balkan Green Foundation and Institute for Development Policy (INDEP).

SFK20 starts tomorrow!

#SFK20 starts tomorrow at 10 AM and will continue for two full days!

Follow the livestream on the SFK website and on FLOSSK youtube channel

We are ready, speakers are ready, are you?

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