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books.flossk.org is a platform that primarily provides opportunities for readers and scholars of the period 1945-1990 to have easy access to the resources of the time. In addition, the platform aims to provide an open and scalable model for the digitization of publications that are hard to reach for the public.

Books on this platform were scanned and edited by groups of volunteers and young students during workshops held with FLOSSK. Currently, the platform has the first 11 books from the 50s written by: Beqir Musliu, Asen Kavaev, Anton Pashku, Rexhep Qosja, Martin Camaj, Adem Demaçi, Anton Çetta, etc.

Other publications of that period are expected to be added on books.flossk.org to create a complete platform where books can be read easily and for free!

This project was made possible by the Culture for Change program. The project is funded by the European Union, managed by the European Union Kosovo, and implemented by Qendra Multimedia and Goethe-Institut.

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