TechCamp Kosovo: Countering Disinformation in the Balkans

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TechCamp Kosovo 2021: Countering Disinformation in the Balkans is closer than ever! 📣📣

From 28-30 October, 25 local and 20 regional participants will compete for funding on projects that help journalists better detect and inform their audiences about fake news, trolls, disinformation, and how best to discredit disinformation on their platforms.

This interactive, intensive three-day program will be facilitated by Douglas Arellanes. Regional and international experts Dardan Prebreza, Blerta Blakaj, Kreshnik Gashi, Serbeze Haxhiaj, Jarmila Fekiacova, Valdet Salihu, and Tomas Rakos will join and share best practices as trainers.

TechCamp Kosovo is sponsored by U.S. Embassy Pristina and the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA) in partnership with FLOSSK.

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