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The importance of sharing and contribution in FLOSS communities

One of my mentors who I consider him as my teacher, friend and colleague (James Michael Dupont) wrote an email which was very inspiring for me to start writing this blog (mostly pasting what he wrote), and it was about Sharing and the importance of it.
What could other people benefit from the experience you share with them and what could they learn from that ?!

FLOSSTalk with Arangel Angov: Hacker Spaces

The next FLOSSTalk will be held on Saturday, 17th of March starting at 13:00 in the premises of Unicef Innovations Lab. The talk will be about hacker spaces also known as hacklabs - free technological areas where people interested in hacking and sharing experience and information come together to learn from each other and build interesting stuff.

The Launch Party of "Prishtina Buses" project

Too many candidates in the campaigns promised an improvement of public transportation in Prishtina, but so much was said and so little was done in this direction, and what the municipality failed to do, some teenagers did it.

On 12 January 2012 at the office of UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo at 18:00PM will be held the official launch party of  Prishtina Buses project.

FLOSSTALK with Betim Deva: Adaption of the Android Operating System

On Thursday 29.12.2011at 18:00 in the premises of the IDI - Information Development Centre will be a held speech on the topic: Adaptation of the Android Operating System for e-readers, mobile phones, and tablets.

The speaker will be Betim Deva who comes from Pristina, has a bachelor degree in engineering, computer systems and master in computer science from Arizona State University.

PHP Day in UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo

PHP Day is a meeting / event to be held on Tuesday 27 September 2011 in the UNICEF Innovations Lab in Prishtina starting at 17:00PM.
This meeting is aimed at gathering PHP developers from the country and intended only for PHP development.

Software Freedom Kosova 2011 is coming

Software Freedom Kosova Conference 2011 is the third annual conference about Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS) to be held in Prishtina on November 12th.


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