Mapping the Future: Open Spatial Kosovo


, Prishtina Hackerspace

  • Start : 2023/10/11 17:30
  • End : 2023/10/11 18:30
Mapping the Future: Open Spatial Kosovo

An introduction to the chapters of Open Spatial in Kosovo

11 October, 17:30 @ Prishtina Hackerspace

Next Wednesday, we meet to initiate the coming together of the main Open Spatial bodies in Kosovo, and delve into the scope of work for the next year and the upcoming ones.

Together, we plan to introduce the presence of Open resources and the community behind it in Kosovo, while drawing a bridge to the global bodies. In this regard, we will be honored to welcome to the event to join us online the two prominent figures, Guillaume Rischard & Angelos Tzotsos from the world of geospatial technology and open-source mapping.

This opportunity will bring together the President of the OpenStreetMap Foundation and the President of the OSGeo Foundation, who will share their insights, experiences, and visions for the future of open mapping and geospatial technologies.

We invite anyone interested in open mapping, geospatial technology, and community-driven initiatives, for a brief but impactful journey into the world of Open Source Geospatial, where open data, innovation, and collaboration come together to shape the future of mapping and geospatial solutions.


Guillaume Rischard  – Intro to OpenStreetMap Foundation

Our first presenter is the President of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, Guillaume Rischard. OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a collaborative project that creates a free, editable map of the world, built and maintained by a diverse community of mappers. Learn about the latest developments, innovations, and the impact of OSM on mapping and location-based services worldwide. Discover how this open-source platform is transforming the way we interact with maps and geographical data.


Angelos Tzotsos – Intro to Open Source Geospatial Foundation

Following the OSM presentation, we have the President of the OSGeo Foundation (Open Source Geospatial Foundation). OSGeo is at the forefront of advancing open-source geospatial technologies, empowering individuals and organizations to access, share, and use geospatial data and tools. Explore the role of OSGeo in the open-source geospatial ecosystem, and gain insights into the significance of open standards and collaboration in the field of geospatial technology.

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