"OSM - krijoni harten tuaj" Handbook

OpenStreetMap had a fast development in Kosovo last two years, this was made possible from all young FLOSSK members.
Project “OpenStreetMap - Krijoni harten tuaj " began and was conducted by Besfort Guri - FLOSSK member.

Who after firstly started translating the manual “Beginners Guide” in wiki.openstreetmap.org
He saw his work necessary to further expand OpenStreetMap in many different areas of Kosovo by making a handbook who teaches people how to use OSM and how to contribute in it.
After a conversation with James Michael DuPont and Prabhas Pokharel he decided to start writing the handbook, which was sponsored by UNICEF Innovation Lab Kosovo.
Through this handbook, readers can further make a research of the world in virtual maps.

Here is the handbook key which tells the content:

  • What is OpenStreetMap and historic parts of the development of OpenStreetMap
  • Begining with OpenStreetMap, the part where the reader will find information on how to use OpenStreetMap, create his / her account and edit information linked to it.
  • Information about GPS - Global Positioning System, how to use them or even other informations
  • Working with software or applications that are used for editing OpenStreetMap, Like: JOSM, Potlach, Desktop applications and also other Web applications for Mobile phones
  • Tagging the information, and basic information on tagging.

If you want to know more about OSM in Kosovo visit the link: Click here

Note: The manual is written in Albanian sq #

" Download the handbook here "

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