Dan McQuillan's Lecture in Prishtina

Dan McQuillan, a well known social networks activist, and winner of "Global Ideas Bank Social Innovations Award" in a lecture today at the premises of UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo , gave some interesting details about the impact of social networks in the daily life and in general social movements worldwide.

Before an audience of dozens of young entrepreneurs and with the invitation of FLOSSK, McQuillan gave a brief description of his commitments and his everyday life, and explained how through "Social Innovation Camp" ideas come together, people and digital tools that build Web-based solutions  for social problems, and that within 48 hours.

Although with a slight introduction to the world of stratup, McQuillan went on pointing to successful examples of ideas generated to help the community, as was the case with a web page, design for persons with disabilities in England, where this page was/is used to suggest better designs for some of their numerous tools that often have a poor design.

Later, lectures called "The link between innovation, hacking and new social movements" went beyond the explanation of the term hacking and its importance in the social level, not in a negative sense. "The hacking is not just something meant to be broken, or just a term hackers ... but hacking can also be used to explain new ways of using a particular tool ... or for example, hacking can also be called a process of dismantling the only thing that we possess, and to do the completion of its parts again but in a different way so that, that thing functions better, "he said.

McQuillan expressed also his opinions about hacktivizm and new movements of hackers as Anonymous, which moves among others are also used to act in support of the community, such as the construction of virtual tools to help people who are blocked by their governments access the Internet , as it was mentioned the case in Egypt or Libya.

At the end of the lecture the participants presented some of their opinions and made free discussions with our guest.


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