Mozilla Firefox 4 Release Party

Mozilla Kosovo Community, FLOSSK and American University of Kosovo (AUK) on 15 April 2011 for the first time in Kosovo organized Mozilla Firefox 4 Release Party in Prishtina. The event was held in one of the university halls where four projectors were available, and also a live-streaming channel with four cameras.

Firefox 4 Release Party in Kosovo was very successful, as not including the organizers, there were more than  50 participants present who had the chance to learn about Firefox 4's new features.

Taulant Ramabaja presented the new Firefox 4, HTML 5 in FX4, CSS 3 etc.

 Food was served to the participants and Mozilla swag (stickers, buttons, hand bracelets, bags etc.) was distributed. In the end everyone was excited, but especially the organizing team of Mozilla Kosovo as this event was registered as the biggest Firefox 4 Release Party in the Balkans although Mozilla Kosovo is a new community.

Visit the FLOSSK Gallery to see photos from the event.

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