FLOSS Camp in Shëngjin

On 17-18 July in Shëngjin, Albania, FLOSSK dhe FLOSSAL organized  a FLOSS Camp.

Many people attended the event, members of FLOSS Kosovo and Albania and other fans of free software. Our local friends ensured free wireless to all attendees at the event at such a remote location.

Some attractive group activities and discussions related to free and open source software were organized, and during the two days there were visits from various people from Albania. On the second day of tje FLOSS Camp we were visited by a group of children interested in free and open source software, who recieved a presentation by James Michael DuPont.

James Michael DuPont, one of the founders of FLOSS Kosova, made a short introductory speech on the first day, explaining the reason for the meeting and stressed again the importance of the meeting and urging the Albanian community to get together and help each other promote Free and Open Source Software.

The discussions during these two days centered on Free Software, OpenStreetMap, Wikimedia, etc. Contribution is expected to increase on OpenStreetMap in Albania. Also discussed were Wikimedia translations and the the use of standard Albanian language in these translations.

Luca Pescatore, from Italy, was also present at the meeting, and on the second day he took the floor and discussed how to earn income from Free Software.

Supporters of Free Software also discussed the organization of a conference in southern Albania from 11 to 12 September and another conference in Prishtina on September 25 to 26.

View the FLOSSK Gallery for more Photos.

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