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A country list - good for all

If you are a web developer, pc software programmer, app developer, Linux distro packager you have probably heard many complaints from your users about you list of countries and country codes. Most of the complaints come from people not finding their country on the list. For example, Europe has changed a lot in the last two decades. Countries have dissolved and new ones were created. There are changes in Asia, Africa and in South America. The sad fact is that many web sites still list Yugoslavia in their list of countries.

Project Proposal: Map Tile Distribution and Master Directory of Map Tile Distributors

During a recent mapping project implementation at work I realized the open source map content is limited and that the resources to share that content are even more limited. There a few map tile servers out there all of them using resources of open source volunteers, and those servers are being hammered by millions of users. The map content is not usualy a light content, it's all bitmap images the are already compressed.  Many servers go offline because they can't take the load or that they have reached their maximum bandwidth for the day.

Geolocation for stationary computers

First of all, geolocation services for stationary computers like desktops and kiosks are not in high demand. People using these devices are definitely not in motion and they don't need to be guided by a navigation system. 

But there are other reasons to use geolocation services that will save you a lot of zip code entering. Finding the nearest store, nearest red-box kiosk, measuring the distance between your home and the new doctors office, or figuring how long it takes to travel to some place from your current location.

RememberKosovo GreaseMonkey script

There are some websites that don't let your browser remember things that you have typed.
Even though your browser has the capability to remember the entered data, on certain websites your browser doesn't even ask.

This simple script will turn back on the remembering feature which will ask you if you want the entries remembered.

So if you want to try it out, you can get it from
The script works on Firefox, but you have to install the GreaseMonkey addon first, and on Chrome, without the need to install GreaseMonkey.

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